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Peru Flag

Peru Flag

President of Peru

President Pedro Kuczynski Godard Pedro Kuczynski Godard

About Peru

Peru is a country in the South America continent. The official currency of Peru is the "Nuevo sol (PEN)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Peru is "PE". What is the capital of Peru? Of course the capital city is Lima. Peru has an area of "1285216" square kilometers (km²). Peru's official language is Spanish and the population is over 32551815.

Universities in Peru

There are 68 universities in Peru

Mountains in Peru

There are 51 mountains in Peru. Highest mountain of Peru is Huascaran.

Mountain Elevation
Huascaran 6 768 m
Yerupaja 6 634 m
Coropuna 6 425 m
Huandoy 6 395 m
Huantsan 6 395 m
Ausangate 6 384 m
Chopicalqui 6 354 m
Siula Grande 6 344 m
Chinchey 6 309 m
Ampato 6 288 m

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