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Australia Flag

Australia Flag

President of Australia

President Scott Morrison Scott Morrison

About Australia

Australia is a country in the Oceania continent. The official currency of Australia is the "Australian dollar (AUD)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Australia is "AU". What is the capital of Australia? Of course the capital city is Canberra. Australia has an area of "7692024" square kilometers (km²). Australia's official language is English and the population is over 24772247.

Universities in Australia

There are 51 universities in Australia

Mountains in Australia

There are 167 mountains in Australia. Highest mountain of Australia is Mawson Peak or Heard Pk.

Places in Australia

Place Name City Category
acacia bed & breakfast Australia Hotel
Vittoria Cofee Australia Breakfast
Bakers Delight VIC Bakery
Tasman Meats Werribee VIC Butcher
Pizza Pronto Australia Pizza
Subway Victoria Fast Food
Red Engine Station Cafe, Werribee VIC Cafe
The Crooked Fork VIC Cafe
Caffe Vignola Australia Cafe
Sunrise Takeaway Australia Cafe

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