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The king said 'Not suitable', the Princess withdrew from the prime minister's candidacy

The king said 'Not suitable', the Princess withdrew from the prime minister's candidacy

In the statement made by the palace, "(Ubolratana) has retained its status in writing, although it retains its status and is a member of the Chakri Dynasty. (candidacy) is seen as extremely inappropriate "said.

In 1972, Princess Ubolratana had renounced her title after her marriage to an American citizen. Ubolratana returned to Thailand in 2001 after divorce.

The court, on the 24th of March, announced the rebuke of the Thai Raksa Chart Party, which has nominated its leader against junta leader Prayut Chan-o-cha.

"Our party faithfully adheres to the orders of the King and all royal family members," the party said in a statement.

A few hours after the King's statement, Princess Ubolratana thanked the support of the public without mentioning her candidacy, saying that "she wished for Thailand to be progressive and to be a country admired and admired by the international community".


'Election Commission would reject nomination'

According to observers, after the King's intervention, the Election Commission would probably reject the candidacy of Princess.

The elections are seen as the first opportunity for Thailand's transition to democracy after five-year junta.

Taksin ┼×inavatra, the former Prime Minister Taksin ┼×inavatra, who was overthrown by the coup in 2006, still has a great weight in the country's politics and tries to remove the army from politics. The party, which nominated the princess, was founded by Taksin ┼×inavatra's party.

According to many experts, Princess's nomination would have brought the junta with the royal family directly.

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