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She lost in Thailand and founded in China

She lost in Thailand and founded in China

According to China Radio International, a 59-year-old alzaymır woman in Thailand appeared 8 months after her disappearance in Kunming, a province of Yunnan, China, 650 kilometers from her hometown.

It is not known how the patient came from Thailand to China, which means of transportation, passport controls, and how the Beijing administration's face scanning and fingerprint control systems survived.

It is not known whether the patient came to China accompanied by his own volition or someone else, but the focus is on his solo journey.

The patient was taken to the hospital after his visit to Kunming and contacted the Thai government. Both countries officials to the sick woman's daughter, to take her mother to the country had been given to Kunming airplane flight said.

On the other hand, how she survived for 8 months remains a matter of curiosity.

  • 2019-02-15
  • 1756
  • TH News


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