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Switzerland Flag

Switzerland Flag

President of Switzerland

President Alain Berset Alain Berset

About Switzerland

Switzerland is a country in the Europe continent. The official currency of Switzerland is the "Swiss franc (CHF)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Switzerland is "CH". What is the capital of Switzerland? Of course the capital city is Bern. Switzerland has an area of "41284" square kilometers (km²). Switzerland's official language is German and the population is over 8544034.

Universities in Switzerland

There are 49 universities in Switzerland

Mountains in Switzerland

There are 950 mountains in Switzerland. Highest mountain of Switzerland is Dufourspitze.

Mountain Elevation
Dufourspitze 4 634 m
Nordend 4 609 m
Zumsteinspitze 4 563 m
Signalkuppe 4 556 m
Dom 4 545 m
Liskamm 4 527 m
Weisshorn 4 504 m
Taschhorn 4 490 m
Matterhorn 4 478 m
Parrotspitze 4 432 m

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Places in Switzerland

Place Name City Category
Villa Europe Hotel Interlaken Bern Hotel
Stella Hotel Bern Hotel
Pign Padua Switzerland Hotel
Hotel Post Churwalden Switzerland Hotel
Sonas Irish Pub Davos Canton Grisons Bar
Sens 1605 Canton Grisons Restaurant
Deutsche Börse Canton Grisons Accountant
Hotel Pöstli Residence Canton Grisons Hotel
Zimmer 352 Canton Grisons Hotel
Zauberberg Hotel Davos Canton Grisons Hotel

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