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Serbia Flag

Serbia Flag

President of Serbia

President Aleksandar Vučić Aleksandar Vučić

About Serbia

Serbia is a country in the Europe continent. The official currency of Serbia is the "Serbian dinar (RSD)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Serbia is "RS". What is the capital of Serbia? Of course the capital city is Belgrade. Serbia has an area of "88361" square kilometers (km²). Serbia's official language is Serbian and the population is over 8762027.

Universities in Serbia

There are 13 universities in Serbia

University Name Website
Drzavni Univerzitet u Novom Pazaru
European University
International University of Novi Pazar
Megatrend University of Applied Sciences
Metropolitan University
Privredna Akademija (Business Academy)
Singidunum University
University of Belgrade
University of Fine Arts Belgrade
University of Kragujevac

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Mountains in Serbia

There are 96 mountains in Serbia. Highest mountain of Serbia is Djeravica.

Mountain Elevation
Djeravica 2 656 m
Bobotov kuk 2 523 m
Shkëlzen 2 404 m
Shkëlzen 2 404 m
Hajla 2 403 m
Midzor 2 169 m
Mokra Gora (Pogled) 2 154 m
Crna Glava 2 139 m
Crna Glava 2 139 m
Strmenica 2 122 m

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Serbia Embassies Around the World

Embassies Phone
Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro in London, United Kingdom 004420 7235 9049
Embassy of Serbia in Luanda, Angola +244-2-321421 /+244-2-320393
Embassy of Serbia in Buenos Aires, Argentina (+54-114)-8129133/+54-114-8133455/+54-114-8133456
Consulate of Serbia in Cordoba, Argentina +54-351-4713804
Consulate of Serbia in Santa Fe, Argentina +54-341-4245909
Consulate of Serbia in Chaco, Argentina +54-3732-421330
Embassy of Seerbia in Australia +61-2-62902630/+61-2-62902948
Serbia Consulate , Australia (+61-2)-93624637 or +61-2-93623003/+61-2-93624638/
Embassy of Serbia in Austria +43-1-7132595/+43-1-7132596/+43-1-7121205/+43-1-7126488/+43-1-7134277
Serbia Consulate , Austria +43-316-323180 / +43-316-323181

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