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Norway Flag

Norway Flag

President of Norway

President King Harald V King Harald V

About Norway

Norway is a country in the Europe continent. The official currency of Norway is the "Norwegian krone (NOK)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Norway is "NO". What is the capital of Norway? Of course the capital city is Oslo. Norway has an area of "323802" square kilometers (km²). Norway's official language is Norwegian and the population is over 5353363.

Mountains in Norway

There are 166 mountains in Norway. Highest mountain of Norway is Galdhoppigen.

Mountain Elevation
Galdhoppigen 2 469 m
Galdhøpiggen 2 469 m
Glittertind 2 464 m
Store Skagastolstind 2 403 m
Store Styggedalstinden 2 387 m
Skarstind 2 373 m
Vesle Galdhøpiggen 2 369 m
Surtningssue 2 368 m
Store Memurutinden 2 366 m
Keilhaus topp 2 355 m

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