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Denmark Flag

Denmark Flag

President of Denmark

President Queen Margrethe II Queen Margrethe II

About Denmark

Denmark is a country in the Europe continent. The official currency of Denmark is the "Danish krone (DKK)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Denmark is "DK". What is the capital of Denmark? Of course the capital city is Copenhagen. Denmark has an area of "43094" square kilometers (km²). Denmark's official language is Danish and the population is over 5754356.

Universities in Denmark

There are 31 universities in Denmark

Mountains in Denmark

There are 4 mountains in Denmark. Highest mountain of Denmark is Himmelbjerget.

Mountain Elevation
Himmelbjerget 178 m
Yding Skovhøj 171 m
Møllehøj 171 m
Ejer Bavnehøj 170 m

Places in Denmark

Place Name City Category
Søster's Denmark Hotel
Stuga 100 South Denmark Hotel
By Puck South Denmark Clothing Store
Pigernes South Denmark Clothing Store
Fænø Park Denmark Hotel
Quality Hotel Park Middelfart - Annekset Denmark Hotel
Buddy Holly Denmark Night Club
HUSET Middelfart South Denmark Hotel
Wagner South Denmark Clothing Store
Rosengårdcentret South Denmark Department Store

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