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North Korea

North Korea Flag

North Korea Flag

President of North Korea

President Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un

About North Korea

North Korea is a country in the Asia continent. The official currency of North Korea is the "North Korean Won (KPW)". The Alpha-2 Country code of North Korea is "KP". What is the capital of North Korea? Of course the capital city is Pyongyang. North Korea has an area of "120538" square kilometers (km²). North Korea's official language is Korean and the population is over 25610000.

Universities in North Korea

There are 1 universities in North Korea

Mountains in North Korea

There are 4 mountains in North Korea. Highest mountain of North Korea is Mt Baekdu-Mt Changbai.

Mountain Elevation
Mt Baekdu-Mt Changbai 2 744 m
Puksubaek San 2 522 m
Kŭmgangsan 1 638 m
Kangnam Mountains 1 046 m

North Korea Embassies Around the World

Embassies Phone
Embassy of North Korea in Sophia, Bulgaria (359) (02) 975-3340, (359) (02) 974-6111

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