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Iraq Flag

Iraq Flag

President of Iraq

President Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei

About Iraq

Iraq is a country in the Asia continent. The official currency of Iraq is the "Iraqi dinar (IQD)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Iraq is "IQ". What is the capital of Iraq? Of course the capital city is Baghdad. Iraq has an area of "438317" square kilometers (km²). Iraq's official language is Kurdish, Arabic and the population is over 39339753.

Universities in Iraq

There are 53 universities in Iraq

University Name Website
Ahlulbait International University
Alkafeel University College
Al Maarif University College
Al Mamon University College
Al Mansour University College
Al Muthanna University
Al Nahrain University
Al-Nisour University Collge
Al Rafidain University College
Al Rasheed University College

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Mountains in Iraq

There are 1 mountains in Iraq. Highest mountain of Iraq is Kuhe Haji Ebrahim.

Mountain Elevation
Kuhe Haji Ebrahim 3 587 m

Iraq Embassies Around the World

Embassies Phone
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq (202) 742-1600 Ext. 136
Embassy of Iraq, Belgium +0032 02 3749711, +0032 02 6630490, +0032 02 3744138
Embassy of Iraq, Bangladesh 600298 or 600299
Embassy of Iraq, Bahrain 786929
Embassy of Iraq, Canada (613) 236-9177
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq +44 207 5909 220
Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Algeria 201693125-021691272
Embassy of Iraq in Australia 0061262867946-0061262861027-0061262869952
Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Austria 0043 - 7138195 / 0043 - 7138196
Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Azerbaijan 0099412 - 4981447

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