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Armenia Flag

Armenia Flag

President of Armenia

President Armen Sarkisyan Armen Sarkisyan

About Armenia

Armenia is a country in the Asia continent. The official currency of Armenia is the "Dram (AMD)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Armenia is "AM". What is the capital of Armenia? Of course the capital city is Yerevan. Armenia has an area of "29743" square kilometers (km²). Armenia's official language is Armenian and the population is over 2934152.

Mountains in Armenia

There are 9 mountains in Armenia. Highest mountain of Armenia is Mount Aragats.

Mountain Elevation
Mount Aragats 4 090 m
Kapudzhukh Lerr 3 905 m
Geghama mountains 3 597 m
Azhdahak 3 597 m
Agmagan-karadag 3 560 m
Dar-alages 3 329 m
Khustup 3 206 m
Mount Kapaz 3 065 m
Porak 2 800 m

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