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Somalia Flag

Somalia Flag

President of Somalia

President Hassan Sheikh Mahamud Hassan Sheikh Mahamud

About Somalia

Somalia is a country in the Africa continent. The official currency of Somalia is the "Somali shilling (SOS)". The Alpha-2 Country code of Somalia is "SO". What is the capital of Somalia? Of course the capital city is Mogadishu. Somalia has an area of "637657" square kilometers (km²). Somalia's official language is Somali and the population is over 15181925.

Universities in Somalia

There are 16 universities in Somalia

University Name Website
Amoud University
Benadir University
East Africa University Bosaso
Eelo University
Gollis University
Hiiraan University
Imam University
Maakhir University
Mogadishu University
Nugaal University

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Mountains in Somalia

There are 1 mountains in Somalia. Highest mountain of Somalia is Shimbiris.

Mountain Elevation
Shimbiris 2 450 m

Somalia Embassies Around the World

Embassies Phone
Somali Embassy in Paris, France (+33) (1) 3952 7308 (+33) (1) 4500 8898
Somali Embassy in New Delhi, India +91-11-28034177
Somali Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan (+92) (51) 285 4733 / 5
Somali Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia (+62) (21) 831 1506 / (+62) (21) 837 95451

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